Driven by responsibility – we develop & establish efficient identification standards.

Compliance requirements, social responsibility, care for young people and protection of gambling addicted online players challenge us to deliver this unique service. Our service helps online portals to identify their users in order to comply with complex kyc (know-your-customer) requirements.

  • compliant proof of users identity and age
  • “no ads” policy since 2007
  • very easy to integrate
  • full flexibilty in designing of your workflow
  • no foreign use of personal data
  • we delete user profiles once the identity is confirmed

guidance through the legal standards

Our services comply with highest standards of German law. We guide our customers through the strong legal provisions of

  • JMStV (youth protection act)
  • TMG (telemedia act)
  • BDSG (data security act)
  • GlüStV (gambling act)
  • GwG (money laundering act).

The processes are adapted to our customers license requirements and local standards.

advantages for the user

The user ideally does not acknowledgde that we are around. Best way to use our system is to be fully integrated into our partners online platform. You benefit from modern ID methods.

We store a minimum of personal data and delete the given information as soon as possible, at least 90 days after identification. We do not spam. We have never sent a newsletter or any kind of promotional message to our registered users.

The service is free for the user, all costs will be borne by the partner platform to which our service is integrated.

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