Privacy Policy

insic provides this service mainly for Germans and under German regulation. Our service and our Privacy Policy comply with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG, DS-GVO) and further applicable legislation. As we are currently moving into other jurisdictions, we herewith provide a short summary of our German privacy statement.

This document is not a translation of our German Privacy Policy and is not meant to replace this Policy, but summarises the framework of data procession and data protection by insic under German law.

This website uses technical session cookies to ensure secure data transmission between your browser and our server. We do not use cookies for marketing driven tracking purpose like google analytics or etracker. We do not send newsletter or provide other kind of marketing information to our customers.

In the course of the registration you are requested to enter personal data. The personal data entered will be checked via proven identification procedures, whilst the particular procedure depends on the particular clients’ configuration and your personal choice. insic is approved by German authorities such as KJM or FSM to operate such services.

All personal data is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the BDSG. Your data will be checked for duplicates and further via the particular proven procedure(s). In the course of the particular proven procedure, insic will submit personal data to the particular partner to verify users’ entries, but solely such personal data required for the verification. All data submitted from insic to any third party and vice versa will be encrypted to avoid abuse of personal data, acknowledging that such abuse cannot be avoided by technical measures in any case.

User names, birthdays and email addresses will be encrypted and stored in a hashed form. After the deletion of personal data from the database – which insic may carry out from time to time – solely such hash code form for the particular identity will remain in the database.

No personal data will be provided to third parties by insic without the particular user’s consent, except when requested by law or applicable regulation.

Further, you may choose to block yourself from gaming and gambling offers. In this case, insic will store your personal data with a blocking indicator as explained above to ensure performance of your request.

Furthermore, you may choose to be informed on news and offers. In this case, insic will store your personal data as explained above also to ensure performance of your request.

When using the insic services via one of our customers’ websites, personal data will be encrypted via SSL technology on behalf of the particular partners’ internet platform before submission and will be stored, processed and collected according to the abovementioned standards and the provisions of BDSG.

Our detailed privacy policy in German language can be found here …

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