Design your own workflow for best user experience.

Configure your initial ID process  Рon the fly in just a minute. We support more then 25 ID checks for online and offline business. Perfect for resellers of sensitive products.

Combine a variety of ID services in a flexible workflow management. Get intermediate and final check results of the services. Follow the progress in the user validation status. Conditional checks get performed grouped, in parallel and/or serialised in the workflow management.

user identification and KYC

  • integrates any ID process
  • free workflow definition, configured in less than 3 minutes
  • automatic frontend according to current workflow
  • individual css design
  • extremely lightweight technology
  • works on any website
  • data avoidance and data deletion after identification

id services

Our core product is providing a platform for identification and age verification. We combine following ID services in order to comply with the applicable regulation:

  • email confirmation check
  • mobile phone check with mtan
  • bank account / code and IBAN / BIC conversion an check
  • zip code check
  • social security number check*
  • manual an automatic passport check
  • address validation
  • complementary document check (utility bill)*
  • Schufa Identcheck
  • Schufa Kontochecker / account check
  • Bank check via 1-Cent transaction
  • GiropayID check
  • GiropayID plus payment in a single step
  • Paydirekt
  • Camera based identification
  • Postident check
  • E-Postident check
  • Postid 18+ Card
  • Postid Basic
  • Postid GwG
  • UK payment data check
  • Point of sales / Shopident check
  • Google+ integration
  • facebook integration
  • check against German and European PEP lists
  • check against international sanction lists
  • automized www research with webcheck technology
  • OASIS check online and batch
  • passport scanner integration
  • short, full and incremental user registration
  • ROFUS ID check for Denmark
  • SAFE Server under Danish jurisdiction

The ID process itself is defined by our partners depending on the jurisdiction, product need and sales channel. The appearance of the platform after registration is automatically adopted to the configured workflow.

Our customers define the ID process according to their license, the given legal frame and business requirements.