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German version

Our legal frame is changing faster

EU AML, GWG, GlüStV, JmStV and its executive rules

Loss of certainty and predictability

Legal frame

legal norms in German jurisdiction under European supervision

  • youth protection law
  • media act & media law
  • AML regultation
  • data protection act
  • passport law & usage regulation
  • gambling act & gambling law


Essential features, clean technology and friendly process design

Assisting users smart and effective

insic compliance services and solutions

Reliable identification and 18+ check with focus on EU market
Currently active in the EU-Markets: DE, DK, AT, CH, MT, GB
Compliance-Software solutions for 18+, Lotto, Sportsbetting and Casino
Regulatory advice and support
Players protection and responsible gaming concepts
Corporate Social Responsibility (EL/CSR) certified


markets and areas of regulation in distance sales / internet mailorder business

  • lotto, sportsbetting, casino
  • pyrotechnics, light arms
  • alcohol
  • secure email and mobile phone registration
  • real estate, car dealers
  • AML obligated business
  • Human ressource management
  • Games online/offline
  • Shared economy, cars & appartements
  • Fintech industry, insurance

Build better ID processes. In 4 phases.

  • 01. Easy onboarding

    - direct field response
    - less data input
    - zip code check
    - bank data pre-check
  • 02. Smart data collection

    - data input correction
    - get bank details
    - get place of birth
  • 03. Flexible identification

    - silent data check
    - no-media-break possible?
    - Schufa + 1-Cent ok?
    - pay-in + identification?
  • 04. Retention

    - clear online information
    - process specific emails
    - trigger alternatives
    - reward activities

be: .careful .smart .reactive .cost-efficient .flexible .open

One interface for all ID service providers

Just make one integration and expect to get all compliant German and international ID-services connected via a single interface.

  • >Schufa
  • >Giropay GiropayID
  • Tolerant
  • PostID Deutsche Post
  • Facebook Google
  • Sofort Ident
  • SMS Creator
  • Paydirekt
  • Desko
  • Sparkasse

Smart Retention

Use cases for retention messages adopted to the open ID flow. Send a specific message if a player ist not fully identified and ...

  • ... Schufa Ident failed but GiropayID should be possible
  • ... Schufa Ident OK, but name on bank account not matching
  • ... on Breaking News: Jackpot > 17 Mio or upcoming championchip
  • ... 1-Cent: 16 h after sending, 24 h before timeout, 16 h after timeout with try again message
  • ... 60 h after Shop- oder Postident form download
  • ... a new ID method has been introduced

.endless .situative .unpredictable

Potential with
better technology

Advantage of full featured process in comparison to standard DB address check + DB bank check + 1-Cent PIN transfer and PostIdent as failover procedure.

  • onboarding
    4% advantage

  • identification
    10% advantage

  • retention
    4% advantage

  • overall potential
    18% advantage

.non binding .showcase .examplarily

Potential in € monthly

  • 80€

    customer life-time-value
  • 1.000

    new customers per month
  • 18%

    lower give-up rate in ident phase
  • 12.000€

    advantage per month incl. identification costs

.non binding .showcase .example for German market

passport based registration
in a few seconds
without a keystroke

Registration with social media is done within a second.
Making a foto with a mobile asks for some interaction - but it is fun to do! The following ID process is done automatically.

ID Workflow Manager

Create and change your ID prozesses
Interactive and reaktive
Your own UX via CSS in our ID Widget

Passport Scanner solution

Integrates online and offline technologies
bullet proof hardware "Made in Germany"
latest ID technology, affordable attempt
world unique solution one-of-a-kind

Combine POS Identification with
any online check

Passport Scanner Hardware

Proven devices make operations easy and reliable

Penta Scanner Standard Setup

Document recognition with options for 1D/2D barcodes, NFC, RFID, MSR, Chip Card, ultraviolet, infrared

Penta Scanner enhanced Setup with touch panel

Multicolor touch display with highly visible OK lighting e.g. for self service

Direct scanner backend service integration

make it the smart way
instead of restricted local terminal connection
process registrations automatically into gaming backend
get instant feedback and print via terminal
recognize 2.000+ passport formats

.think different .make it the better way


.think different .make it the better way

Scan Process integration. Offline.

  • 01. Scan passport & bestslip

    - 2.000+ different ID documents
    - read 1D/2D barcodes
    - read NFC, RFID, MSR, Chip Card
    - read mobile phone barcode
    - check validity and consistency
    - compliant under strong regulation
  • 02. Data validation

    - local consistency check
    - online data validation
    - PEP & sanction list check
    - AML compliant data validation
    - central players blacklisting
    - 25+ ID services in free workflow
  • 03. Terminal integration

    - scanner sends data to gaming backend
    - terminal gets data from gaming backend
    - terminal cash and printout handling
    - price payout after passport scan

be: .careful .smart .reactive .cost-efficient .flexible .open

Core ID service features

Design your own processes for different target groups and customer situations. React on mobile, desktop or shop oriented technologies. Clean process design and essential features.

  • open and smart process design

  • no media break
    for immediate 18+

  • reactive flow for top successs rate

  • processes by device customer group & use case

  • absolutely unique and certified

Technology driven

  • hosted where our partners want

  • cloud enabled
    AWS operated

  • responsive css design

  • node.js, html5, bitbucket, slack

  • full size api
    json webservice

  • multilanguage widget technology

about: insic


  • founded 2007
    privately owned
    founder managed
    European approach

  • 20+ EU customers:
    state Lotteries
    Sportsbetting companies
    Casino operators
    online sales of 18+ products

  • KJM confirmed in 2008 & 2015
    FSM certified in 2016
    WLA + EL certified

  • sustainable, compliant and reliable
    no identity or address data reuse / trading
    data protection. without compromise.

  • technology leader in our segment
    absolutely unique compliance solution
    Early adaptor. always.

get all ID methods of relevance via one interface


Selected customers in production. Status 09/2019

learn more: contact us

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