Why insic?

Efficiency & Compliance.

  • Better, Faster.

    insic gives you the best user onboarding experience, get the maximum conversion possible.

  • Compliant.

    As compliant as needed, as open as possible.
    Certified and approved.

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Why insic?

insic Demos

One platform, different registration attempts.


  • widget frontend

    reactive and responsive user interface
  • easy integration

    get the widget and use the backend api
  • no media break

    several media break free methods available
  • 25+ ID methods

    online, offline, mobile, desktop ...
  • workflow manager

    design your individual ID workflow on-the-fly
  • Host or Cloud

    operate the solution where you want

be: .compliant .smart .reactive .cost-efficient .flexible .open

insic Widget technology

few lines of code and config parameter integrated in your website, just get the right thing exactly to the point, stop overdesigned attempts, get the best registration and ID solution available in the market

yes, I want to try!

AVS_LOADER.loadWidget('__avs-widget', {
startRoute:     ['home.dashboard'],
partnerId:      '391asd74',
apiBaseUrl:     'https://test.insic.de/api',
registrationType:  'insic'});


If you need help, here are some basic tutorials. Basic knowledge of webtechnologies is helpful:

postman api

Recommended reading

An easy way to get additional background (de):